Richard Bailey on the Stockholm Accords

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David Phillips and Philip Young call for papers also related to Accords

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A CIPR diploma paper on the Accords by Rachel Cockburn from Leedsmet

  As a result of the recent global recession, private and public sector organisations have come under pressure to examine all areas of their business and seek out economies. The discipline of public relations (PR) is no exception to this review, and the Stockholm Accords are the outcome of an international collaboration of PR experts [...]

Heather Yaxley on integrated reporting, the accords and public relations

Here please read a sharp and insightful post on prconversations on the integrated reporting movement and its impact on the public relations profession written by the highly respected british commentator Heather Yaxley.

Joe Groves, a student from University of Gloucestershire UK, raises questions

1. To what extent have the Stockholm accords taken into account the networked society that the majority of publics currently are part of?

Are we worth it? A question by Richard Bailey

This is an interesting post by Richard Bailey as he begins his college course.

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