New energy for the Accords: Shanghai Public Relations Association joins Global Alliance, while the Middle East association consolidates membership

In recent conversations with professional leaders from MEPRA in the Middle East, and with the Shanghai Public Relations Association, John Paluszek chair of the Global Alliance strengthened relationships with these regions by also repeatedly referring to the Stockholm Accords process and implementation. As you may read below, the Shanghai Public Relations Association decided to become [...]

A new update from Italy

1. Ferpi’s two Stockholm Accords implementation committees are proceeding at a good pace. The national committee, following its first meeting that decided to proceed with the base research (see later) and that, of the four selected stakeholder groups with whom to begin a two year advocacy program (professional community, business community, media community and education community), [...]

Integrated reporting from the IIRC and monetary evaluation of the brand from ISO add much value to the Stockholm Accords

The public relations leader of a communicative organization, say the Accords: ‘plays two fundamental and strategic roles:

End August Update from the HUB: the situation is moving and things are beginning to happen

Are YOU wondering how as a practitioner,  student, teacher or researcher you can make a difference in the market place by understanding, adopting and adapting the Stockholm Accords brief? Take a look at this !!

Kiwi ‘can-do’ takes Accords on the Road

Activation of the Stockholm Accords has begun in New Zealand, under the guidance of Paul Dryden, Executive Director of PRINZ, the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand. As well as virtual discussions on the Accords, Paul has taken a road trip around the country, bringing the thinking, process and ideas behind the agreement to professionals [...]

Look in the mirror! The solution is mostly there – Mike Klein reflects on the Accords

In a very recent post on his The Intersection blog, professional Mike Klein writes: “An eventful summer has kept me largely away from the internal communication blogosphere over the last several weeks, but one thing that deserves mention—and has seen much comment of late—is the agreement on the so-called “Stockholm Accords.” The Accords, which speak [...]

Wikipedia explains Stockholm Accords

On July 5, David Phillips, the highly reputed UK scholar, professional and researcher – one of the Actors of the Accords process – dived into the public relations description on Wikipedia and posted a description of the Stockholm Accords. This is one hell of an experience that can be shared by other individual Actors around the world [...]

Ferpi begins implementation of Accords

Ferpi, the Italian public relations association, has approved -in its recent AGM- the take off in the implementation of Accords. A national coordinating committee was formed by two central coordinators and representatives of the territorial chapters

A tribute to early adopters

Three students from the Master in Global Relations and Intercultural Communication from New York University evaluated the Accords in the context of their mid term summer paper. Take a look!

This hub is yours…to help shape the future of public relations

Welcome to the The Stockholm Accords Hub – your space on the web where you can help shape the future of public relations. What’s the idea?

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