Heather Yaxley on integrated reporting, the accords and public relations

Here please read a sharp and insightful post on prconversations on the integrated reporting movement and its impact on the public relations profession written by the highly respected british commentator Heather Yaxley.

Are the Stockholm Accords useful for small businesses?

Paolo Danselmi is a reputed Italian public policy analyst, graduate from the Harvard School of Government and author of Il Barbiere di Stalin (Stalin’s Barber) Bocconi University Publisher, an extreme and exhilarating critique of corporate social responsibility (the title refers to the fact that Stalin’s barber could have cut the tyrann’s throat every day but did not, [...]

One question: could media relators transit towards a stakeholder listening function?

 Besides integrated reporting (see post below this), acknowledging, listening to and interpreting stakeholder expectations to management so that it may improve the quality of its decisions and accelerate the time of their implementation, is another priority competency related to the Accords that is lacking and/or deficient from both our academic and professional associations programs. It [...]

A new update from Italy

1. Ferpi’s two Stockholm Accords implementation committees are proceeding at a good pace. The national committee, following its first meeting that decided to proceed with the base research (see later) and that, of the four selected stakeholder groups with whom to begin a two year advocacy program (professional community, business community, media community and education community), [...]

Integrated reporting from the IIRC and monetary evaluation of the brand from ISO add much value to the Stockholm Accords

The public relations leader of a communicative organization, say the Accords: ‘plays two fundamental and strategic roles:

Your thoughts?

Please use the comments section on this post to let us know your view of this topic, any activities you have been involved with or your observations on this strand of the Accords.

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