CPRS informs Canadian professionals about the Accords

The Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) has just sent the (see here Canadian Public Relations Society Member News ) endorsement and explanation of the Accords to all its members

The US professional community and the Stockholm Accords

A dense agenda for the Chair of the Global Alliance, John Paluszek, very recently honoured by the PRSA with the 2010 Atlas Award (with all our congratulations! read here his engaging and strong acceptance speech ): October 17-19 — Discussed Accords at the PRSA International Conference in Washington D.C. October 25 — Presentation of Accords at [...]

Center for Global Public Relations and the Stockhom Accords

The Center for Global Public Relations at the University of North Carolina (USA) has invited John Paluszek to present the Stockhom Accords to its Annual Advisory Board Meeting scheduled for October 27.

CPRS endorses Accords and first public discussions with chapter members take off

On October 2 the CPRS (Canadian Public Relations Society) as proposed by Sean Kelly amd Marc Giles…

PRSA on the Accords

Please read here an article by GA Chair John Paluszek which has just been published on TACTICS, the PRSA publication directed to all its members.

End September Updates from the HUB: a lot is going on…

- CIPR’s  road map to advocate the value of pr in UK’s public sector: a grand example for Accords actors. . This text (Standing up for what we know we do well)  posted a few days ago on the CIPR’s member newsletter represents a highly innovative process launched by one of the largest and most [...]

Educators ramp up discussion in Bled, New York and South Africa

Anne Gregory, Ronel Rensburg and TMF discussed the Accords impact on education and research with some 50 international scholars at the closing of this year’s Bled Symposium in Slovenia. John Paluszek and Toni Muzi Falconi presented the Accords to NYU faculty and students. (THE STOCKHOLM ACCORDS- NYU) Estelle de Beer reports from the University of [...]

A tribute to early adopters

Three students from the Master in Global Relations and Intercultural Communication from New York University evaluated the Accords in the context of their mid term summer paper. Take a look!

This hub is yours…to help shape the future of public relations

Welcome to the The Stockholm Accords Hub – your space on the web where you can help shape the future of public relations. What’s the idea?

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