Italy releases base Accords related research to business, professional, media and education communities

The fifty member strong Ferpi working group for the implementation in Italy of the Stockholm Accords, approved the final version of the basic survey monkey research, whose results will give a basic idea of where the 2011/2012 implementation program will be moving towards and with the four selected priority stakeholder groups (business, professional, media and [...]

Italy to begin implementation

Developments from Ferpi: The first operative meeting of the Ferpi volunteers for the implementation of the Stockholm Accords is scheduled for Friday September 24 in Milano. The agenda includes the approval of the base research scheme as well as an operational workshop on ‘developing a 2 year advocacy program, for four stakeholders groups and considering [...]

Ferpi begins implementation of Accords

Ferpi, the Italian public relations association, has approved -in its recent AGM- the take off in the implementation of Accords. A national coordinating committee was formed by two central coordinators and representatives of the territorial chapters

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