Important and Urgent Call for Comments for the Future of Our Profession!!!

In this HUB we have often discussed the strategic and breakthrough  role that the integrated reporting process, which is speeding ahead in every country of the world, can have for our profession (as well as others, like accounting, auditing, financial, social and environmental analysis). Today September 12, the IIRC, where the Global Alliance for Public [...]

IABC’s Communication World Magazine integrates Accords with Stakeholder Governance and Integrated Reporting

A seminal description ( CWMarApr10_Africa1_deBeer ) of the relationship between the King 3 Report, the Stockholm Accords, Integrated Reporting and the Governance of Stakeholder Relationships in this relevant article co-authored by Ronel Rensburg and Estelle De Beer, South African protagonists of the Accords process, just appeared in the most recent issue of IABC’s Communication World.

Ferpi kicks off Accords Program. A practical response to Kevin Moloney…

Four full hours of worskhop amongst 40 of the most senior Italian public relations practitioners and scholars from many of the country’s regions kicked off on Februry 16 in Rome’s Luiss University,  the 2011-2012 implementation program of the Stockholm Accords’ BRIEF. Following an intense six months preparation by some 60 volunteers and guided, but not [...]

Heather Yaxley on integrated reporting, the accords and public relations

Here please read a sharp and insightful post on prconversations on the integrated reporting movement and its impact on the public relations profession written by the highly respected british commentator Heather Yaxley.

from South Africa: accords going strong while stock exchange adopts first ever framework for integrated reporting for listed companies based on stakeholder interactive communication

Mervyn King (prime sponsor and co-inspirer of the stockholm accords) presented, yesterday 26 January in Johannesburg, the first ever framework for integrated reporting that the 400 listed companies of South Africa are required to adopt or explain as of 2010. Here (IRC of SA Intergrated Reporting Guide Jan 11) is the framework and here (IRC Media [...]

Reinventing accounting, assuring, public relations and communication professions to adapt to integrated reporting: a quick report from St James Palace in London

St. James Palace and Prince Charles hosted last week in London a meeting of the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Committee) with 60 experts from all accounting and management professions (including pr..) and these are my immediate takes: 1. The process towards integrated reporting is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but is aready an increasing [...]

Why is the integrated reporting process so important to the public relations profession?

 Some sixty international representatives of the entire organizational reporting professions will be meeting next week (December 15) in London, by invitation of Prince Charles and Accounting for Sustainability, for the first operational meeting of the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Committee). John Paluszek, chair of the Global Alliance and myself will participate in representation of the [...]

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