Re-evaluating sustainability of nuclear and other industries: how?

Jerry Sickles -from the New Jersey chapter of the National institute of Directors (USA), Fellow of the Governance and Sustainability Institute, and co-author of Strategic Governance- calls for a thorough global re-evaluation of the nuclear industry based on the seven questions from the Strategic Governance System designed to assess any industry’s sustainability. Here they are [...]

IABC’s Communication World Magazine integrates Accords with Stakeholder Governance and Integrated Reporting

A seminal description ( CWMarApr10_Africa1_deBeer ) of the relationship between the King 3 Report, the Stockholm Accords, Integrated Reporting and the Governance of Stakeholder Relationships in this relevant article co-authored by Ronel Rensburg and Estelle De Beer, South African protagonists of the Accords process, just appeared in the most recent issue of IABC’s Communication World.

Why is the integrated reporting process so important to the public relations profession?

 Some sixty international representatives of the entire organizational reporting professions will be meeting next week (December 15) in London, by invitation of Prince Charles and Accounting for Sustainability, for the first operational meeting of the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Committee). John Paluszek, chair of the Global Alliance and myself will participate in representation of the [...]

Accords inspire dialogue and relationships in the Mediterranean Region

Professionals, scholars, policy makers, economic, media and social analysts from Albania, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Israel and Italy met in Catania on November 19 and 20 (read here) to discuss : ‘Local systems in the Euro-Med area. Competition or cooperation? The role of Public Relations?’. The bottom line of the highly stimulating discussion was that a planned, [...]

Joe Groves, a student from University of Gloucestershire UK, raises questions

1. To what extent have the Stockholm accords taken into account the networked society that the majority of publics currently are part of?

A new update from Italy

1. Ferpi’s two Stockholm Accords implementation committees are proceeding at a good pace. The national committee, following its first meeting that decided to proceed with the base research (see later) and that, of the four selected stakeholder groups with whom to begin a two year advocacy program (professional community, business community, media community and education community), [...]

Letter on the Accords from South Africa

Here follows a letter this Hub just received from scholar Estelle De Beer of the University of Pretoria. This text ( Summary of achievements.11102010) briefly summarizes the many things which are going on in that area of the world related to the Stockholm Accords. Food for thought for all of us,

David Phillips looks at the Accords and, on governance, says….

read here

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