Accords update from Italy. 70 activists, 40 spokespersons, 50 events planned for the next six months

In Italy FERPI has now recruited more than 70 professionals and scholars dislocated in many corners of the country that are actively advocating the sense of the Stockholm Accords thematizing the different values public relations -through a savvy and contemporary alignement of internal and external communication practices- brings to sustainability, governance and management of all forms of [...]

Agency association joins Ferpi in Accords implementation in Italy and other updates

Assorel, the Italian association of public relations agencies (member of ICCO), has joined Ferpi in its two year program to implement the Stockholm Accords. In the meantime……

A new update from Italy

1. Ferpi’s two Stockholm Accords implementation committees are proceeding at a good pace. The national committee, following its first meeting that decided to proceed with the base research (see later) and that, of the four selected stakeholder groups with whom to begin a two year advocacy program (professional community, business community, media community and education community), [...]

End August Update from the HUB: the situation is moving and things are beginning to happen

Are YOU wondering how as a practitioner,  student, teacher or researcher you can make a difference in the market place by understanding, adopting and adapting the Stockholm Accords brief? Take a look at this !!

Ferpi begins implementation of Accords

Ferpi, the Italian public relations association, has approved -in its recent AGM- the take off in the implementation of Accords. A national coordinating committee was formed by two central coordinators and representatives of the territorial chapters

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