A CIPR diploma paper on the Accords by Rachel Cockburn from Leedsmet

  As a result of the recent global recession, private and public sector organisations have come under pressure to examine all areas of their business and seek out economies. The discipline of public relations (PR) is no exception to this review, and the Stockholm Accords are the outcome of an international collaboration of PR experts [...]

Heather Yaxley on integrated reporting, the accords and public relations

Here please read a sharp and insightful post on prconversations on the integrated reporting movement and its impact on the public relations profession written by the highly respected british commentator Heather Yaxley.

Agency association joins Ferpi in Accords implementation in Italy and other updates

Assorel, the Italian association of public relations agencies (member of ICCO), has joined Ferpi in its two year program to implement the Stockholm Accords. In the meantime……

Accords inspire dialogue and relationships in the Mediterranean Region

Professionals, scholars, policy makers, economic, media and social analysts from Albania, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Israel and Italy met in Catania on November 19 and 20 (read here) to discuss : ‘Local systems in the Euro-Med area. Competition or cooperation? The role of Public Relations?’. The bottom line of the highly stimulating discussion was that a planned, [...]

Accords being integrated in Portuguese academic institutions

The Stockholm Accords are being discussed in academic institutions in Portugal and are currently being mentioned in diferent courses at the post-graduate level in the Strategic Public Relations Management Master degree at Lisbon’s Superior School of Mass Communication and Media Arts. The role of professional associations has been reinforced by recent local legislation recomending that [...]

The Stockholm Accords as a camel: Prof Tom Watson’s views and criticisms

Prof. Tom Watson is Professor of Public Relations at Bournemouth University in the UK. He is only the second professorial appointment in the field of public relations in the country. In the following interview he gives his view on the Stockholm Accords, discusses its applicability to education and shares with us some of his criticisms. [...]

Coming Up: Accords discussion in Tirana on December 6/7

The Public Relations Association of Albania, chaired by Alban Bala, will hold a workshop for its members dedicated to the Stockholm Accords in Tirana on December 6-7. Toni Muzi Falconi will be representing the Global Alliance.

Turkey, Albania, Dubai, Israel and Italy to discuss accords at Catania’s EUROMED on November 19

Representatives from pr professional associations and education institutions coming from Turkey, Albania, Dubai, Israel and Italy, will participate in a workshop session dedicated to the Accords implementation in Mediterrenean countries in the context of MEDCOM, to be held in Catania on November 19 and 20 dedicated to Local systems in the Euro-Med area. Competition or [...]

Romanian Association discusses Accords

Sue Wolstenholme and Toni Muzi Falconi were the guest lecturers last Friday in Bucarest in a conference organizsed by the Romanian Public Relations Association hosted by the University of Bucharest. While Sue addressed the issues of trust and reputation, Toni illustrated the what, why and how’s of the Global Alliance Stockholm Accords Program Toni@Bucharest. Rares [...]

Italy releases base Accords related research to business, professional, media and education communities

The fifty member strong Ferpi working group for the implementation in Italy of the Stockholm Accords, approved the final version of the basic survey monkey research, whose results will give a basic idea of where the 2011/2012 implementation program will be moving towards and with the four selected priority stakeholder groups (business, professional, media and [...]

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