The Stockholm Accords as a camel: Prof Tom Watson’s views and criticisms

Prof. Tom Watson is Professor of Public Relations at Bournemouth University in the UK. He is only the second professorial appointment in the field of public relations in the country. In the following interview he gives his view on the Stockholm Accords, discusses its applicability to education and shares with us some of his criticisms. [...]

Joe Groves, a student from University of Gloucestershire UK, raises questions

1. To what extent have the Stockholm accords taken into account the networked society that the majority of publics currently are part of?

Letter on the Accords from South Africa

Here follows a letter this Hub just received from scholar Estelle De Beer of the University of Pretoria. This text ( Summary of achievements.11102010) briefly summarizes the many things which are going on in that area of the world related to the Stockholm Accords. Food for thought for all of us,

Are we worth it? A question by Richard Bailey

This is an interesting post by Richard Bailey as he begins his college course.

Italy to begin implementation

Developments from Ferpi: The first operative meeting of the Ferpi volunteers for the implementation of the Stockholm Accords is scheduled for Friday September 24 in Milano. The agenda includes the approval of the base research scheme as well as an operational workshop on ‘developing a 2 year advocacy program, for four stakeholders groups and considering [...]

Your thoughts?

Please use the comments section on this post to let us know your view of this topic, any activities you have been involved with or your observations on this strand of the Accords.

Wikipedia explains Stockholm Accords

On July 5, David Phillips, the highly reputed UK scholar, professional and researcher – one of the Actors of the Accords process – dived into the public relations description on Wikipedia and posted a description of the Stockholm Accords. This is one hell of an experience that can be shared by other individual Actors around the world [...]

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