Integrated reporting from the IIRC and monetary evaluation of the brand from ISO add much value to the Stockholm Accords

The public relations leader of a communicative organization, say the Accords: ‘plays two fundamental and strategic roles:

Australia opens debate ‘down under’

Australian public relations professionals have begun their debate on The Stockholm Accords.  As well as looking at what the Accords consist of, the invitation to discussion issued by the Public Relations Institute of Australia, also looks at what the Accords are not: What the Stockholm Accords are not: a rule book, a prescription; carved on [...]

Educators ramp up discussion in Bled, New York and South Africa

Anne Gregory, Ronel Rensburg and TMF discussed the Accords impact on education and research with some 50 international scholars at the closing of this year’s Bled Symposium in Slovenia. John Paluszek and Toni Muzi Falconi presented the Accords to NYU faculty and students. (THE STOCKHOLM ACCORDS- NYU) Estelle de Beer reports from the University of [...]

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