David Phillips and Philip Young call for papers also related to Accords

please see http://conversation.cipr.co.uk/posts/philip.young/call-for-papers-beyond-online-public-relations

The Accords should “report on practice”: An interview with Dr. Kevin Moloney

Author of Lobbyist for Hire and Rethinking PR: propaganda and democracy, Kevin Moloney has taught, researched and worked in the discipline for most of his career, and is now Principal Lecturer at Bournemouth University. One of the UK’s prominent academics in the field, Moloney discusses the ideals and concepts of the Stockholm Accords in an [...]

A CIPR diploma paper on the Accords by Rachel Cockburn from Leedsmet

  As a result of the recent global recession, private and public sector organisations have come under pressure to examine all areas of their business and seek out economies. The discipline of public relations (PR) is no exception to this review, and the Stockholm Accords are the outcome of an international collaboration of PR experts [...]

CIPR and IABC set scene and the debate takes off on internal communication!

Read here what Anne Gregory and Sue Wolsenstholme had to say about the Accords on the CIPR website. This also sparked a highly inspiring and animated discussion in the internal communication committee of CIPR, which is continuing. IABC’s Angela Sinickas also sparked off a lively debate on the internal communication part of the Accords which is continuing at [...]

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