The Stockholmaccords blog is produced in good faith. No responsibility is accepted by The Stockholm Accords’ editorial team and technical administrator for any information provided or opinions expressed by guest contributors and commentators, nor any possible errors or omissions, in submissions.

On-topic comments that enlarge the conversation are encouraged. Original posts will be corrected should any error or lack of attribution inadvertently have been published in the original entry. We encourage openness in communication, rather than anonymity.

Every reader is welcome to provide feedback on any post. Comments are not moderated, but The Stockholm Accords Hub employs an automated system, one that monitors comments, trackbacks and pings and will block inbound activity considered as spam (sometimes including an excessive number of links). Additionally, we reserve the right to remove comments that reflect overt marketing, are potential for libel, or introduce off-topic subjects and opinions (out of mischief or self-interest).

Conversation is encouraged, provided respect is shown to others, particularly with opposing views, and comments are not abusive, intended to provoke hatred, or otherwise reflect an anti-social attitude. Comments will be deleted if in the opinion of the editors of The Stockholm Accords Hub, they do not meet these responsibilities or if they generate justified complaint from others.

The participation of students in public relations and communication or other related disciplines is encouraged and welcomed; however, it is not our responsibility to do research for your project or to help complete an assignment. Any student requests masquerading as comments, intended solely for these purposes, will be removed.

All material posted and submitted in the form of comments should respect legal and other rights.  No personal information regarding visitors or other individuals mentioned will be stored or shared without permission, and privacy of others is respected.

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