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PR Conversations » Stockholm Accords first draft up for comments. Please contribute, suggest, criticise and help shape the future of our profession

2010-03-30 kl 1:36 pm

[...] the first draft of the Accords accompanied by references, glossary and other explanations is posted here for each of you to look at, think about, comment, [...]

Comment on the future of Public Relations | World Public Relations Forum

2010-03-31 kl 2:47 pm

[...] The Stockholm Accords [...]

Reflections on the media and the UK Election | 21st-century PR issues › Paul Seaman’s online review

2010-04-22 kl 10:38 am

[...] so both need to be engaged. But it’s largely a myth that there’s a new engaged online networked society that changes the rules of PR and communication in [...]

From Mexico to Stockholm « Bologna 2010

2010-04-30 kl 10:17 am

[...] summer, The World Public Relations Forum meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, aims to formulate and agree The Stockholm Accords, a new statement on the role of public relations in the ‘value network [...]

Stockholm Accords interrogated – part 2 | 21st-century PR issues › Paul Seaman’s online review

2010-05-04 kl 2:01 pm

[...] theme: what exactly do the Stockholm Accords expect to achieve? Here’s what the event’s website says about its objective: “The aim of the Stockholm Accords is to articulate and establish the role [...]

PR people need cat food at the top table « Heather Yaxley – Greenbanana views of public relations and more

2010-05-05 kl 6:08 pm

[...] I’m not convinced that the “adult dialogue” about PR can be found in the Stockholm Accords which have been robustly interrogated by Paul Seaman.  These seek: to articulate and establish [...]

Internposten åker till World Public Relations Forum | The Internal Post Blog

2010-05-06 kl 6:44 pm

[...] inom kommunikation och ger inspiration till bättre kommunikation. Därutöver kommer the Stockholm Accords att definiera och utveckla kommunikatörens roll i en alltmer föränderlig och komplex värld. Och [...]

The Stockholm Accords #PRofWorld #wprf2010 « Doktor Spinn – Jerry Silfwer

2010-05-13 kl 6:18 pm

[...] the World Public Relations Forum 2010 in Stockholm. One of the challenges will be on co-creatiing The Stockholm Accords, a formal documentation on what PR is and does for an organization. This of course, is easier said [...]

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