An english language thesis on the Accords by Simone Cappati from IULM University

Simone Cappati – The Stockholm Accords for PR and Communication Simone Cappati, an Italian student from IULM University, guided by Prof. Stefania Romenti and Prof. Emanuele Invernizzi, has just completed and discussed with maximum votes (110 cum laude) his thesis in the english language on The Stockholm Accords for Pr and Communication: the project and its Implementations [...]

Finland blogger on the Accords

Richard Bailey on the Stockholm Accords

read here

David Phillips and Philip Young call for papers also related to Accords

please see

Anne Gregory and Estelle De Beer to speak of the Accords at PRISA (Southern Africa) annual conference

PRISA, the Southern Africa professional association, will hold its annual conference in Durban on June 13/14. Anne Gregory, from Leeds Metropolitan University and member of the Global Alliance board, together with Estelle de Beer from the University of Pretoria will speak on the Accords and their implementation. see

Paul Seaman posts a full critique of the Stockholm Accords

After having largely contributed, in its process, to the development of the Stockholm Accords by posting in various social media outlets a series of highly critical opinions, many of which influenced the final text of the accords, Paul has recently published an extensive essay collecting all those opinions in a pdf posted on his 21st century [...]

Art or Science? New Zealand’s annual pr conference on 24-26 May

PR: an Art or a Science? is the theme of the 25-26 May conference of the PRINZ, New Zealand’s Public Relations Institute. Here is the link to the very exciting program One of the sessions will be dedicated to the Global Alliance, challenges for global public relations and the Stockhom Accords.

Accords update from Italy. 70 activists, 40 spokespersons, 50 events planned for the next six months

In Italy FERPI has now recruited more than 70 professionals and scholars dislocated in many corners of the country that are actively advocating the sense of the Stockholm Accords thematizing the different values public relations -through a savvy and contemporary alignement of internal and external communication practices- brings to sustainability, governance and management of all forms of [...]

IABC International Executive Committee fully endorses Accords

Approval of Stockholm Accords. Here is the letter from Shelley Bird to JohnPaluszek announcing the endorsement.

Are the Accords the next step to PR professionalism? A post by Andrea Meyer

The Stockholm Accords make it clear that the field of public relations and communication management is viewed as a strategic management function. What the Stockholm Accords do not make explicit is the outlook on communication management as a profession, in the purest sense of the word. Perhaps it is now time to revisit the debate [...]

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