New survey monkey to prepare for World PR Festival 2012 in Melbourne. Please participate!

please participate to your contribution is invaluable to better prepare for the world pr forum in melbourne. thank you

Important and Urgent Call for Comments for the Future of Our Profession!!!

In this HUB we have often discussed the strategic and breakthrough  role that the integrated reporting process, which is speeding ahead in every country of the world, can have for our profession (as well as others, like accounting, auditing, financial, social and environmental analysis). Today September 12, the IIRC, where the Global Alliance for Public [...]

An english language thesis on the Accords by Simone Cappati from IULM University

Simone Cappati – The Stockholm Accords for PR and Communication Simone Cappati, an Italian student from IULM University, guided by Prof. Stefania Romenti and Prof. Emanuele Invernizzi, has just completed and discussed with maximum votes (110 cum laude) his thesis in the english language on The Stockholm Accords for Pr and Communication: the project and its Implementations [...]

Global Alliance postpones global webinars to July

Please note that the Stockholm Accords webinars previously scheduled for June 15th and 16th, 2011 will be postponed.  The Global Alliance is now preparing a new process to engage the international public relations and communication management community on the value our profession brings to society as we work toward the next World Public Relations Forum [...]

Jim Grunig on the Accords. Food for thought.

In a few weeks the Central European Journal of Communication will publish a very recent article from James Grunig by the title ‘ Public Relations and Strategic Management: Institutionalizing Organization-Public Relationships in Contemporary Society at the beginning of this article Grunig writes: ” …. In June 2010, the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, [...]

Accords June 15 and 16 webinars open for registrants. Hurry up!

The Stockholm Accords Webinars announced in June On the first anniversary of “The Stockholm Accords” – the first global articulation of, and advocacy for, the value of Public Relations in organizational success – Public Relations leaders around the world will join in a June 15 global webinar advancing the impact of the “Accords.” The “Accords” [...]

from Lisbon: GA elects new leadership, calls for 15/16 June global webinars on Accords Status

John  Paluszek stepped down from the Chair of the Global Alliance this week in Lisbon at the Annual General Meeting. Dan Tisch, who was Chair Elect, takes the helm of the Association. Anne Gregory is Chair Elect and Catherine Arrow is Secretary. All four were instrumental to the thinking, development and implementation of the Stockholm [...]

Finland blogger on the Accords

Richard Bailey on the Stockholm Accords

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Zulerian looks at the accords, finds them significant and asks for help

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