2nd Draft

On March 25 2010, the World Public Relations Forum website published the 2nd draft of the Accords and invited visitors to comment on general issues, as well as on specific parts of the document.

Here is the 2nd draft :

The 2010 Stockholm Accords

To articulate and establish the role of public relations in the “communicative organization” within a fast-evolving digital and value-network society.

A Call to Action

  1. To Public Relations Leaders (professionals, educators, researchers, associations, students): Affirm the “Accords” principles throughout the profession as well as to management and other relevant stakeholder groups; and prepare to administer its principles on a sustained basis.
  2. To Progressive Management: Embrace and implement the network society concept of the “communicative organization” as vital to organizational success.


The increasingly adopted stakeholder governance model* empowers board members and organisational leaders as ultimate custodians of stakeholder relationship strategies and policies, as well as of monitoring their implementation.

In today’s value networks*, a communicative organization* requires timely knowledge of economic, social, political, legal and environmental developments, as well as opportunities and risks affecting the organisation, its direction, its actions and its communication.

Public relations professionals:

  • co-create organizational values, principles, strategies, policies and processes;
  • constantly report on the dynamics of stakeholder involvement;
  • inform, shape the organisation’s overall communication abilities;
  • measure, evaluate and account for results;
  • deliver timely analysis and recommendations to ensure an effective governance of stakeholder relationships, enhancing transparency, trust and sustaining the organisation’s “licence to operate*.”

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