1st Draft

This is the first draft of The Stockholm Accords. It was discussed and debated during two teleconferences and if you would like to access the two 2-hour (i.e. 4 hours) digital recording and video of the sessions, held on February 10 and March 8 2010, send a message to stockholmaccords@gmail dot.com.  After these sessions were completed, the second draft was prepared. This was a collaboration between working groups, each looking at specific areas of the Accords.


In early January 2010, the Chairman of the Global Alliance, John Paluszek sent a letter to some 120 leaders of the global public relations community. The identification of the invitees followed three indicators:

  • 50% professionals (from companies and agencies) and 50% scholars and educators;
  • representatives from as many countries as possible and all continents;
  • individuals, the convenors, believed to be reactive, interested and available for the effort.


This is the text of the letter from John:

Dear ____,

I write to you today because you are a global leader of the public relations profession and we share a great interest in its future. I believe a rare opportunity to help shape that future positively is emerging and I seek your guidance and participation in its development.

That opportunity will become manifest at the Sixth World Public Relations Forum in Stockholm June 14th-15th. Several hundred delegates from an estimated forty countries will convene at the forum in interactive mode to frame “The Stockholm Accords”, a multi-year action program for practitioners and educators to enhance and affirm the growing value of public relations for organizational success in today’s networked society.

Forum delegates will examine and apply impressive new research findings from different regions of the world with a special focus on “Business Effective Communication”, a five-year study of “the communicative organization” by the Swedish Public Relations Association in partnership with several of that country’s universities. Bjorn Edlund, Executive Vice President, Communications of Royal Dutch Shell plc, a Forum speaker, summarizes that research this way: “…the communicative organization acts on the insights that relationships have real value, that reputation is shaped through relationships, and that an organization’s own values must be lived in constant dialogue within, as well as with customers, partners and other stakeholders.”

Such a precedent-setting Forum agenda requires careful, informed development by the profession’s global leaders. As Chair of The Global Alliance For Public Relations and Communication Management – which now includes sixty five national and international associations around the world, representing some 160,000 individual members – I am inviting you and other public relations leaders from around the world to join me in a unique virtual workshop program to begin the development of “The Stockholm Accords” and to generate subsequent discussion on the Global Alliance and WPRF websites: www.globalalliancepr.org, www.wprf2010.se

The virtual workshop will be conducted in two two-hour sessions on February 16th and March 9th. The first will discuss the six proposed “Accords” themes – governance, management, internal communications, marketing, sustainability, and the alignment of internal and external communication; it will also form breakout groups to draft preliminary content on these themes. The second session will review theses drafts and formulate a comprehensive “Accords” draft for discussion culminating at the Stockholm Forum.

If you, as I very much hope, are willing to participate in this vital mission to both increase the value of public relations and achieve greater recognition of that value, please advise me accordingly over the next ten days and I will provide more detailed information on “The Stockholm Accords”, the virtual workshops and the likely participants.

With best wishes,

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